Leederville Functions is the perfect venue for you to host your company Christmas party or any event that you’re having for this holiday season. Make those special moments more memorable for you and the people you have come to view as part of the family.

Enjoy vast amounts of space to accommodate everyone, access to all the right amenities, and a fully licensed bar.

Dine, play, sing, dance, and revel in the spirit of the holidays. You could even make the event extra special by hiring performers or making the party theme unique. Whatever you decide to do, Leederville Functions is ready to provide you with what you need to truly have something spectacular.

To provide you with an even better idea of what we can offer you, take a look at the following.


What Christmas celebration is complete without access to some celebratory spirits? With the bar that we have on offer through our function room, you can truly immerse yourself in the revelry that the event calls upon.


Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are available at the bar, with a bartender to help serve these delicious drinks that will help make the party even more memorable. 


You can have access to a projector through our function room booking, which will then allow you to make presentations, as you see fit. After all, Christmas parties can be a place to look back at the rest of the year and see how far your company has come.

Memories of good times and records of success can make the event even more boisterous. That feeling of accomplishment, along with spending time with people who helped you toward the road to success can be hard to describe. 

Aside from the projector, you can also use four TV screens that we have on hand. These can be excellent for showcasing new media content that you might be working on. Or just to show off any video files that you might have made.

TV Channels

Even if the company Christmas party is the best it can possibly be, there are times where there will be a lull in the events. During these periods, it helps to have access to sports channels like Foxtel Sports Channels, Sky Racing, Free-to-Air So that attendees can keep track of their favourite teams.

It will certainly add to the variety of activities and forms of entertainment that you already have access to. It also helps keep track of important sporting events that may be happening, which the attendees are tracking.

PA System

Naturally, no company Christmas party worth its salt would be without a moderator helping things along. With the PA system that we have on hand that also comes with a wireless microphone, lapel, and lectern, this can be easily managed.

With high-quality audio and sound systems, and reliable connections, presentations are virtually guaranteed to go off without a hitch. It also becomes a lot easier to deliver whatever celebratory message is needed before really getting the party started. 

Bluetooth system

Speaking of wireless connections with regard to the audio and sound system, there are also Bluetooth connections available to you. This means that you can bring your own devices to the venue if there are specific files that you need to project using the sound systems in place. 

This includes any kind of music playlist you might have or sound effects that you made for specific parts of the event. 


Feeling a little more tactile with your presentations? We have a whiteboard that you can use for presenting ideas and plans, as well. We’ll even give you the markers that you need for doing so.

The good thing about using a whiteboard to present your ideas and whatnot is the versatility of the tool. You can quickly put forth whatever it is you are trying to say, erase it when needed, and move on. Pre-prepared presentations don’t really give you this kind of flexibility.


Christmas parties of any kind are best when there are things like performances, speeches, interesting activities, and even special guests. For all of that to happen, you need a stage to make the event even more engaging. It’s a good thing we have one and it’s big enough for most needs.

Our stage is a 4.85m x 1.81m platform, so you can place a podium there, if you wanted to, along with some streamers and the like. 


Food will always be part of any Christmas party and our accessible kitchen can provide. We can offer a wide variety of courses for you to choose from and serve them as needed. These courses will also be served accordingly and without any delay.


With the kitchen being so near, there is also less of a risk that the food gets cold before getting to you. That doesn’t make for a very fun party.


Our function room affords you an excellent view of the Leederville Oval. If there’s a game going on, it can only make your Christmas party even better! It’s also a great way to allow natural light into the Christmas party. Being in an enclosed space can dampen the atmosphere somewhat.

Elevator Access

Having easy access to the elevator can be quite handy if you are bringing something heavy to the function room that requires a trolly. This is also a good way to help those who are only mobile while sitting in wheelchairs for any reason.

It also allows groups of people to get to the venue without having to use stairs. Less of a hassle both when arriving and when leaving.

Bathroom Facilities

Last but not least, we have bathrooms in place that are all conveniently located and can be reached with minimal effort. At the same time, they won’t be an eyesore for those attending the Christmas party.